Vena Cava – The ’90s!

11 Feb

Vena Cava loves the ’90s. But not just ’90s-inspired clothes. Think of the coolest girl you know, use a time machine to transplant her back to the mid ’90s, inject a rebellious “who cares” attitude, and you’ve got Vena Cava’s Fall collection. Designers Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai’s show opened with a faux-rainstorm, which seems appropriate, given the color palette of dark grays, blacks, and browns. But since this is Vena Cava, nothing was basic. Each piece had an arty Fiona Apple-style edge, from peek-a-boo cutouts to luxe materials like leather and suede, to pops of color like burnt orangey red. With hats, glittery blue eyeshadow and chunky shoes as a final touch to the dresses and skirts, it’s obvious that these are clothes you’ll want to wear everywhere- even if we’re not in the ’90s anymore.

They made a ‘zine especially for their runway show today, and it’s filled with:

a.) ’90s cartoons

b.) fashion

c.) playlists (Destiny’s Child, anyone?!)

d.) all of the above

The answer is obviously d.

Check out a preview of the nostalgic awesomeness below!



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