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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Be An Artist

28 Feb

…because everyone’s a photographer now. Those two seemingly contradictory statements are the subject of the soon to be released film, “Press Pause Play” which will premiere at the SXSW festival in Austin, March 11. The trailers have been floating around for awhile now and whenever I watch them I can’t help but hear my bullshit alarm screaming in the back of my head, because they’ve interviewed a bunch of people who plan to make millions off all the wannabee artists that are now suddenly empowered by the internet. I would argue that while it’s gotten easier for people to create things and absurdly easy to distribute them, creating something interesting and engaging has remained as difficult as ever.

Yes, supporting and curating that consumer driven content is a new income stream for many people, but what’s routinely touted as revolutionary is simply a byproduct of a recession. Hiring creative problem solvers who can rise above the fray will always win in the end.


Michael Cera as “Gordo” in Frequency

28 Feb

OH SAY WHAT! I think this might be a rare glimpse at Michael Cera’s other acting side. You know, the one where he doesn’t play an awkward adolescent in every single one of his movies. And now you’ve got some trivia to stump your friends with! AHHH He’s so cute!

Rye Rye – Party In The USA remix

28 Feb

Rye Rye has released a mixtape with DJ Sega called RYEOT POWRR that’s available for free download right now. The album remixes popular songs of the day and puts a bit of Rye Rye spin on it. Here’s an example of Party In The USA above.

Lady Gaga photographed by Terry Richardson for Supreme

28 Feb

Video by Simon Cahn showing photographer Terry Richardson shooting Lady Gagaaaa.

The Cool Kids – Bundle Up

28 Feb

Here’s the first single, “Bundle Up”, from The Cool Kids‘ upcoming album When Fish Ride Bicycles, dropping this Spring on Green Label Sound. I’m so excited to hear what The Cool Kids come up with on this album. I hear it’s going to feature select artists like Asher Roth, Bun B, and Pharrell.

Download The Cool Kids – Bundle Up Here – Mediafire

Limited edition Daft Punk Coca-Cola bottles

28 Feb

Wow! Coca-Cola and Daft Punk are coming together to release these beautiful limited-edition aluminum Coke bottles in gold and silver (to match Daft Punk helmets). The bottles will be released sometime in March 2011 and I can almost bet that they’ll be hard to find. I hope I can get a set!

M.I.A. – Zig Zag

28 Feb

Here’s a record from M.I.A. called “Zig Zag” that didn’t make the final cut for her */\/\ /\ Y /\* LP.

Download M.I.A – Zig Zag Here – Mediafire

Willow Smith – 21st Century Girl

28 Feb

This girl has swag. 21st Century Girl is the 2nd single from Roc Nation’s youngest star, Willow Smith. This song will cause some serious damage in the clubs just like Whip my Hair.

Download 21st Century Girl Here – Mediafire

10.DEEP Spring 2011 preview

28 Feb

I want to know where these guys are shooting. Looks like a fun place to buy a lot of crap.

Using a tripod as a cheap camera rig alternative

28 Feb

Zack McTee shows us here how to substitute an expensive camera rig setup with the not-too-expensive Manfrotto 701HDV tripod head. The head comes together with a Manfrotto 547BK Tripod Kit and is only $280.

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