Good Idea or Bad Idea: Puppies on the Runway

19 Jan

Thom Browne’s recent menswear collection for Montcler was fantastic, but although I loved the hats, the gloves, and the scarves, there was one accessory I wasn’t too sure about:

The dogs.

Sure, they’re adorable, exciting, and they definitely get the “modern hunter in the woods” vibe going.

But they’re also… um… dogs.  And maybe they’re not totally into the lights, the people, and the constant clicking of the cameras.

This isn’t the first time zoology has played into a major fashion moment:

For Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall ’06 collection, he had models lead a series of cats and dogs down the aptly-named catwalk, leading to two minor scandals:

The model Lily Cole refused to complete her catwalk turn, because her dog was frightened and stopped in the middle of the runway.

And later, Grace Coddington suggested to The Daily Front Row that Mr. Gaultier’s team may have been drugging the cats into submission.

Fortunately, the puppies seemed to enjoy their Montcler stroll well enough.

But still – necessary?


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