A Conversation With Jeff Staple

7 Jan

In February of 2005, an assembly of die-hard sneaker aficionados camped for days outside Staple Design in freezing temperatures on New York’s Lower East Side, for undoubtedly one of the most memorable sneaker releases of all time. Riots, stick up kids, back door escorts and police were all present on the scene… Reason? The release of the extremely rare and much-anticipated Nike SB Pigeon Dunks. The man behind it all is arguably one of the most influential figures in the streetwear industry, and if you haven’t heard the name of jeffstaple here is a four part video interview put together by the Student Hip Hop Organization by the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brandcenter.

This 4-part video series from THE SHHO is a bit shaky and hard to watch, but the content is certified gold. Sitting down in front of the camera is Jeff Staple of Staple Design talking about the influence of street culture, hip-hop, and the importance of having the right attitude to produce excellent work. He talks on his love of fashion in Hip Hop, where he thinks it’s heading, artists he listens to, and his surprise in meeting stars like Erykah Badu and Nas for the first time. I recommend checking it out, he touches on some pretty cool topics, especially coming from him as a credible source.

Part One:

Part Two

Part Three:

Part Four:


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