Kanye West (Ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver) – Monster

30 Dec

With dead models hanging from nooses around their necks and dismembered heads littering the floor, Kanye West has produced what must surely be his most controversial video yet. The video for Monster, leaked online today, even shows Kanye in bed with a couple of apparently dead models, positioning their limp hands to touch one another. Other scenes show a woman dragging a dead male model across the floor and a couple feasting on a bloody corpse.

As well as Kanye, the video also features cameo appearances from Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Rick Ross and indie-folk star Bon Iver. The full video was leaked on YouTube, where an earlier sample had already been published.  With foul language and graphic scenes it is too offensive to post here. The top-rated comment on the video sharing site stated: ‘The song’s awesome, there’s not denying that. And yes it’s called monster so I understand all the blood and gore; I dig it.

In the video as well as in the song, Nicki Minaj steals the show. She switches up her delivery repeatedly over the course of 31 bars, veering between cartoonish sweetness and unhinged villainy. She dramatizes the jarring dynamic shifts in the clip by appearing as a fanged dominatrix torturing a far more innocent version of herself in a neon pink wig and frilly white dress. It’s a brilliant visual take on a breathtakingly badass verse, but really, they could’ve just focused in on her incredible facial expressions and called it a day. She’s just that entertaining to watch.
Keep in mind that the video above is not the official version, and may be missing some special effects. This version leaked this morning. It’s a whole new world, folks. Kanye West: innovative, even when he probably doesn’t intend to be. Bizarre, crazy, but i love it.

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