Deadmau5: 4×4=12

6 Dec

Joel Zimmerman, better known to the world as Deadmau5, is back. Still riding the wave of popularity from his previous album For Lack of a Better Name, Deadmau5 comes at us with something a little left of mainstream. While his previous singles were a little more radio friendly, 4 X 4= 12 goes back to Deadmau5′s progressive house style. The album features some of the same dance-friendly beats as any of his old ones and will be a crowd pleaser for any fans of Random Album Title.

Diving right in, “Some Chords” opens with a “Ghosts n Stuff” feel and really sets the pace for the whole album. It’s rather easy to tell that Deadmau5 put a lot of thought in mixing this album. Each track flows with the next and creates a whole night’s worth of mood. The 4 X4 = 12 works on an arc, bringing you up and keeping you partying all night, then sending you to bed. As a Deadmau5 fan, I truly enjoyed “Ghost n Stuff”. I always enjoy my house with a little splash of vocals, so that’s why songs like “Raise Your Weapons” and “Sofi Needs A Ladder” really stood out to me. “Raise Your Weapon” features Picture Book singer Greta Svabo Bech whose vocals are completely hypnotizing and would be a great single to represent the album. “Sofi Needs A Ladder” was a song previously played without vocals, but was changed with the addition of Sofia Toufa, also known as SOFI, causing it to feel more mainstream. Not everyone is going to enjoy this but it’s far from a bad thing. SOFI is also featured on the song “One Trick Pony”.

Breaking down the rest of the album in any form of detail is rather difficult, as any house fan will understand. There’s a reason why I focused on the radio friendly songs. Good house is truly indescribable. But I’m going to give it my best shot. Songs like “Cthulu Sleeps” and “Bad Selection” are prime examples of what draws people to the House/Dubstep scene respectively; the style and sound of these songs are amazing and well produced. As a whole 4 x 4 = 12 follow the same natural progression we’ve come to expect from the number 5 DJ and his Canadian roots. However, while I provided nothing but praise for the album, it doesn’t feel like a perfect five out of five. There wasn’t that perfect click, so my gut feeling is saying 4/5

-The Music Cycle.

Download Deadmau5 – 4×4=12 here.


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