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New Ghostface Killah: “Troublemakers” [ft. Raekwon, Method Man, and Redman]

31 Dec

This may be old news, but new to me. Apollo Kids, the new album from the forever-ferocious Ghostface Killah, arrives December 21 via Def Jam. And on his Twitter not too long ago, Ghost posted a link to a HipHopDX stream of a new track from the album, the aptly titled “Troublemakers”. The song features fellow Wu-Tang warriors Raekwon and Method Man, as well as longtime associate Redman. It also features Ghostface saying, “Stuff Brillo pads in the ratholes!”, which seems like good pest-control advice. Check it out here.



Klaxons Give Away EP

31 Dec

Cartoon rock bands aren’t the only ones feeling the holiday spirit this year– British rockers Klaxons are giving away a new EP, Landmarks of Lunacy, as well. According to the band’s website, the five-song EP is comprised of cuts recorded in 2008 with Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford at the boards. It looks like the songs included in the release might be part of the sessions that were scrapped leading up to Klaxons’ sophomore effort, this year’s Surfing the Void. Grab it here, and check out the tracklist below.

Landmarks of Lunacy:

01 The Pale Blue Dot
02 Silver Forest
03 Ivy Leaves
04 Wildeflowers
05 Marble Fields


M.I.A. – Vicki Leekx (Mixtape)

31 Dec

Head over to this website to download M.I.A.’s new Vicki Leekx mixtape. All it costs is your email. Based on the tracklist above, the tape features a few previously leaked /\/\/\Y/\ outtakes along with never-before-heard material. (Via @_M_I_A_)

USPS unveils commemorative Pixar stamps for 2011

31 Dec

Well, this is a nice collectible item. The USPS has announced their commemorative stamps for 2011 and one of the sets is filled with images from various Pixar films.

From the USPS:

This pane of 20 stamps includes five different designs featuring Pixar characters: Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars (2006); Remy the rat and Linguini from Ratatouille (2007); Buzz Lightyear and two of the green, three-eyed aliens from Toy Story (1995); Carl Fredricksen and Dug from Up (2009); and the robot WALL*E from WALL*E (2008).

Keds Century Collection: The Neon Mondo

31 Dec

Inspired by the bright neon colors of the 80′s, The Mondo from Keds’ Century Collection features black or navy suede uppers with wonderful neon highlights to show off. You can get a pair for $75 at Keds (limited supplies only).

Kanye West (Ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver) – Monster

30 Dec

With dead models hanging from nooses around their necks and dismembered heads littering the floor, Kanye West has produced what must surely be his most controversial video yet. The video for Monster, leaked online today, even shows Kanye in bed with a couple of apparently dead models, positioning their limp hands to touch one another. Other scenes show a woman dragging a dead male model across the floor and a couple feasting on a bloody corpse.

As well as Kanye, the video also features cameo appearances from Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Rick Ross and indie-folk star Bon Iver. The full video was leaked on YouTube, where an earlier sample had already been published.  With foul language and graphic scenes it is too offensive to post here. The top-rated comment on the video sharing site stated: ‘The song’s awesome, there’s not denying that. And yes it’s called monster so I understand all the blood and gore; I dig it.

In the video as well as in the song, Nicki Minaj steals the show. She switches up her delivery repeatedly over the course of 31 bars, veering between cartoonish sweetness and unhinged villainy. She dramatizes the jarring dynamic shifts in the clip by appearing as a fanged dominatrix torturing a far more innocent version of herself in a neon pink wig and frilly white dress. It’s a brilliant visual take on a breathtakingly badass verse, but really, they could’ve just focused in on her incredible facial expressions and called it a day. She’s just that entertaining to watch.
Keep in mind that the video above is not the official version, and may be missing some special effects. This version leaked this morning. It’s a whole new world, folks. Kanye West: innovative, even when he probably doesn’t intend to be. Bizarre, crazy, but i love it.

Skream – The Freeizm Album

30 Dec

Skream aka Oliver Dene Jones is a dubstep producer, one of dubstep’s first and most prominent producers, he has played an important role in the genre’s development. The 2005 Skream track “Midnight Request Line” has been described as “dubstep’s most recognizable crossover hit.” With the help of conventional media such as The Guardian or Pitchfork, Skream’s music began to transform into a more melodic sound. In 2009, he rose to further prominence when his remix of “In for the Kill” by La Roux became firstly an underground hit in the early part of the year before bursting onto the mainstream market.

Skream, UK’s very own just revealed the ‘Freeizm’ album via facebook along with a hand selected fan made album artwork. Some of my favs are ‘No Ready’  and ‘Lightin VIP’. It’s killer, and right in time for the holidays. Skream also left us with a little holiday message:

Merry Christmas…..

Massive shouts to everyone who’s supported me this year in any way…

This album is complied of old stuff,Lost dubs and some new stuff so i hope you enjoy!

Heres to 2011!

Massive shouts to Mario Cvetic for the Artwork!


  • Intro
  • No Ready
  • Cold Outside
  • 10 Bit Dreamz
  • Minor
  • Back From The Zoo
  • Krazy Snares
  • Lightnin VIP
  • Left The Room
  • Commercial SellOut
  • CTO
  • Skwelcha
  • Emotional Shizzle

Download the zip below! Happy Holidays. Watch your Dubstep.

Skream – The Freeizm Album

PS – if your loving the sounds of this, you might enjoy ‘Outside the Box’ – Skream’s second full-length album.

Garfield Meets Adam Bomb from The Hundreds

30 Dec


Hypebeast made a short little video about the latest Garfield x The Hundreds collaboration that combined classic comic-book hilarity with functional and fun clothing and art.

The Beauty of Pixar by Leandro Copperfield

30 Dec


Don’t feel like sitting for hours catching up and re-watching Pixar favorites? No problem, just hit play on the video above by Leandro Copperfield which mashes together 500 select scenes from all the Pixar films into one glorious video. NIIICEEE.

Don’t Stop The Pop 2010

29 Dec

DJ Earworm’s annual mashup of Billboard’s top 25 songs of the year is out. Catchy? Well, that’s because it’s made up of the songs you couldn’t stop humming all year — even if you hated the song. If you’re unfamiliar with DJ Earworm aka Jordan Roseman, he’s a San Francisco-based mashup artist who has achieved recognition for his technically sophisticated, songwriting oriented mashups. His annual “United State of Pop” mashups, short mixes featuring the top 25 songs of the year according to Billboard magazine, have reached the Top 100 for national radio play and become internet sensations.

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