Kid Cudi Talks Working with Kanye in Hawaii

23 Nov

Complex just released their December/January cover issue with Kanye West. You can read the full cover story here and an awesome behind the scenes photo gallery here.Complex interviewed various people behind the project including Cudi. Here’s what he had to say about the experience of working with Kanye in Hawaii.

“It’s always the same thing when we work together—it happened on 808s, too: ‘Cudi, what are you thinking?’ And I’ll spit out something I think is good and hope he doesn’t shoot it down. [Laughs.] It’s very casual; we’re all creative people, so it’s not a stressful thing for us to create in the studio. We’re not in there pulling our hair out. We all have good ideas, and that’s why the records usually come out the way they come out—everybody adds their flavor, and it ends up being a masterpiece. ‘Gorgeous’ is one of those joints. The process this time was a bit smoother; there was definitely an operation. I knew how I wanted to go about writing references, whereas on 808s, it was people in a room. This time, I wanted to dip off, do my ideas separately, and present them, because that’s the only way I think. I had to go off, get my ideas right, and then bring them to the team.


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