Verb the Adjective Noun.

15 Nov

The raw energy that emanates from the sounds of Verb The Adjective Noun reflects that of its city of origin, Boston, melding old school punk energy with effortless meandering guitar riffs of folk rock. The innovative sound that defines Verb The Adjective Noun is rooted in the song structure; their songs open with melodic, nondescript chords and culminate into layers of unrestricted instrumentals, grainy vocals and bursting crescendos. After relocating from the East Coast to L.A. and barreling through a cross-country tour in a blue veggie-oil powered school bus, the band has truly grown into itself. The hallowed tracks of their debut EP, Novella were recorded in a church in the summer of 2008; followed up by a more centered sophomore EP, Reds, on which resides the stand-out power-pop tune “Madeline”.


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