I Have an Obsession. With..Rompers.

12 Nov

I know this is out of the blue people, but i cannot hold back, and must dedicate a post to my latest obsession, that is rompers. The youthful and at the same time uber-feminine style tendencies line up a versatile repertoire of the romper trend.From the floral printed to sporty-style ones all offer the chance to expose our glowing, tanned legs as well as sex-appeal. More than jumpsuits these style items address the public that is eager to sport a stylish and at the same time comfortable outfit for the summer days. Flash your body-consciousness by stealing the tricks of designers in how to embed a similar clothing piece into your wardrobe.

Jumpsuits as well as rompers were presented on the catwalk as the most comfortable and chic outfits for the next season. Indeed the simple design as well as carefully tailoring will perfectly fit the warm weather. Therefore those who are proud of their silhouette as well as would be eager to wear one of the latest fashion trends in both casual ans former wear should engage into promoting the romper trend. And here are my favs!!!!!!!

First and formost, is Christian Cota’s latest from the Spring 2011 collection. I WANT IT.

Tip: Adopt this trend paired with some of the latest color trends and accessories that blend into the overall dazzling g effect of a similar cute and casual outfit. Belts are also some of the useful details that can further upgrade the look. Choose the skinny belts as the perfect means to accentuate your feminine features as a worth-admiring waist.

A more feminine and ultra-sophisticated approach to the youthful romper and jumpsuit trend can be detected in the collections of Karl Lagerfeld, Derek Lem as well as that of the Miller sisters Twenty8Twelve.

Images via Style.com


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