Theophilus London – Flying Overseas ft. Devonte Hynes & Solange Knowles

10 Nov

Theophilus London has linked up with Green Label Sound, and just like we heard from Humdrum Town (You can download it here), Theophilus is someone to keep an eye on.

“I met Dev for the first time in December 2009.” Devonté Hynes (Blood Orange) produced “Flying Overseas” and lends backing vocals. “I was immediately intrigued by his taste in music and decided that we should work together,” says London about the genesis of his writing and producing relationship with Hynes. “We have a lot of similarities musically and he’s without question one of my favorite producers today. He brings so much creative energy to everything he works on.”

“‘Flying Overseas’ was recorded in Park Slope, Brooklyn in January 2010 and then further worked on in LA,” explains London. “It was in LA that Solange joined us in the studio where she JAMMED out. Solange has a keen sense of melody and her voice adds a whole new level to the track.”

London continues to share background on the track, “This song is about a kid from Brooklyn having dreams of jetting off to an exotic land with a loved one. I want to inspire kids to travel. Traveling inspires my music the most. It has inspired the entire album I just finished writing.”

– Spotted at Pigeons & Planes

Download the track here.


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