Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager Reviews

9 Nov

Kid Cudi’s sophomore album is officially in stores today and critics are starting to weigh in with their opinions on Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. You can read a few reviews below.

HipHop DX: 3.5/4

A tortured soul, yes, but one with ingenious capabilities, Cudi has taken his progressive style and turned it into a sound that no one would dare replicate.

NME Magazine: 9/10

We’ve glimpsed ancient wonders and glistening possibilities and met, in Kid Cudi, the man to push mainstream hip-hop into a dazzling new realm of sonic exploration.

Entertainment Weekly: A-

His half-sung vocals, alternately surly and vulnerable, weave in and out of the mix along with distorted guitars, sweeping strings, twinkling harpsichords, ghostly samples, and who knows what else. No other major-label rapper in 2010 is pushing boundaries in quite the same way.

Chicago Tribune: 3.5/4

As dire as that sounds, the music is as consuming and intoxicating as the lifestyle Cudi describes. On two albums, the stoned-and-alone rapper has created a world built for one.

SPIN Magazine: 8/10

Head in the Clouds: Hip-hop’s chronic TMI traveler documents his odyssey into hip-hop’s dark, bottle-service heart

Regardless of any review, positive or negative – the music is for us, the fans, so if you love the album make sure to show your support and grab a copy.



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