Andre 3000, The World is Ready For you…

28 Oct

The past four years have been pretty dope. We put swagger back in the White House, allowed Flavor Flav to be reinvented as a sex symbol, sent Michael Vick to jail for killing puppies and accepted him back as the Eagles quarterback. But we can’t help but feel like something’s been missing.

Oh yeah, it was André 3000. It’s been four whole years since he released anything, and that’s counting “Idlewild.” “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” came out in 2003 and we haven’t seen his straw-hat-wearing ass since 2007 Comic-Con. Did he go to Africa with Dave Chappelle and miss his flight back?

We miss you, André Lauren Benjamin, and your verse on the “Dueces” remix only makes us miss you more. We want you back, and so do a bunch of your fellow rappers. In this clip from this weekend’s “Sucker Free Countdown,” guys like Bun B, Young Dro and DJ Drama beg André to get back in the game.

If you’re dying to hear more André 3000, and you really should be, then sign this petition. It might not do anything, but maybe it will!



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