LG Fashion Week: Some of my Favs.

27 Oct

And so wraps another LG Fashion Week. Friday saw the curtain close on the Spring/Summer 2011 collections in Toronto with a packed house to watch models clad in frosted blue lipstick, African inspired outfits and shimmering silk cord.

[Vimeo http://vimeo.com/16134104%5D

For the second season in a row, a Dare to Wear Love gala brought together celebrated designers for a final runway show (for a cause). Rumour had it, a ticket for the show would set you back $300, but for the wealthy philanthropic set, it was a mere pittance.

And why wouldn’t you empty your pockets? Money raised from auctioned dresses and tickets for the event contributed to the Stephen Lewis Foundation, in support of AIDS education and research. If you couldn’t make it ($300 dollars is steep), you can make a donation on their website.

Everything was youthful and fun, with a touch of drama from interpretive dance and a live vocal performance. The show began with a statistical education on the plight of AIDS in Africa and the show didn’t end with its absence – the show served as more of a cushion, since being there played a part in the eventual (if drawn out) end to the struggle of man versus disease. Hoax Couture and Stephen Lewis deserve their own round of applause for an effort that removes us ever-so-slightly from the decadence of fashion. More is happening in the world than the latest fashions and Dare to Wear Love was a good opportunity to reflect.

Name: Hawke
Occupation: Designer
Favourite Piece: Classic tailored Jacket
Quote: “I’m into slow-fashion, timeless classic stuff that never goes out of style.”

The one thing about this year’s lineup at LG Fashion Week in Toronto is that it’s refreshingly packed with designers that are making their debut at Fashion Week. Four among these are sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon (of Chloé comme Parris) as well as NY designer Alexander Berardi and Toronto handbag Queen Jessica Jensen.

[Vimeo http://vimeo.com/16038910%5D



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